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Transit Tracker+ - UTA

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Transit Tracker+ - UTA is an ad-free version of Transit Tracker - UTA with a few additional features.Transit Tracker - UTA allows riders to take advantage of the Utah Transit Authority's vehicle monitoring and stop finding services.
Transit Tracker - UTA also includes the ability to download route schedules.
Transit Tracker - UTA allows you to define alerts for UTA routes and stops; get a notification when a vehicle on a specific route is approaching or arriving at a particular stop.
Please send me an email if you find a problem or if you have any comments or suggestions.
UTA's buses and trains report their locations every 15 seconds (Flex routes are not included).
TRAX and FrontRunner route numbers:Blue line - 701Red line - 703Green line - 704FrontRunner - 750
- Put in a route number and see all vehicles on that route, put in a stop number to see all buses serving that stop, or put in an individual vehicle number (printed inside and on the back of UTA buses).
- You can request a route schedule for any UTA route by entering its number. Schedules can be viewed as origin/destination tables or on a map. On the map, see when the next bus/train is scheduled to arrive by tapping on a stop. See all times for that stop by tapping on the info window that appears.
- Select your current location or an address you enter or select on a map as a search location for UTA stops that are nearby. You can specify a maximum number of stops to return as well as an optional route filter.
- You can define alerts for when a UTA vehicle is approaching or arriving at a particular stop. These alerts are based on distance from the stop, using the shape of the route defined by UTA.
- Because these alerts depend on the vehicle following the shape defineUd by UTA, if the vehicle is on detour, or if the vehicle isn't following the defined route for some other reason, your alert may not trigger as expected.
- Choose an origin, a destination, and the time you would like to either depart or arrive, and the Google Maps app will display the different options available using UTA's buses and trains.
- Transit Tracker - UTA displays the latest updates from @RideUta.
Other features:
- Choose a light or dark theme.- Show satellite imagery and/or color-coded traffic data on the map.- Optionally keep the map screen from dimming and shutting off.- Adjust the update interval of UTA vehicle locations.- Choose a custom ringtone for UTA alerts.- Add track and route widgets and shortcuts to your home screen to go straight to the map or schedule you want.
Read more about UTA's monitoring API here:
This is not an official UTA app; I am not affiliated with UTA in any way.